It's all about fair play.

The idea for The Brocation began when I saw how busy my husband was and how he hadn’t caught up with his mates properly for ages.

I had already been running great girls weekends for over four years (and had taken a few myself). It seemed a bit unfair that we could get together, have a few wines and unwind, when he was left with work or juggling kids at sport. I figured there had to be other blokes out there that deserved time away too. 


So, I started The Brocation - a chance for men to take a break away without the stress of having to organise everything. Whether you want to take advantage of a swing off from up north, are doing a swap with your partner to make sure you both get some relaxation, or simply don’t have time to organise that trip you’ve been meaning to take for ages, I take care of everything.

Tapping into decades of experience in the tourism industry, I use local connections to get you into the best spots and arrange things to do that will keep everyone entertained. A memorable trip you’ll be wanting to repeat before too long. 

~ Jasmine